Agent's Guide

A Guide to Streamlining the Escrow Process for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you play a crucial role in the home buying and selling process. At Pathway Escrow, we understand the importance of a smooth and efficient escrow experience for both your clients and yourself. That's why we've created this comprehensive guide to walk you through the steps of the escrow process and help streamline the experience for all parties involved. From start to finish, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Starting on The Path

You are ready to open escrow, what is expected from the agent?


  • Fully executed purchase contract
  • Include any and all signed counter(s), addendum(s) and all Riders;
  • Status of earnest money deposit

Contact information:

  • Your complete contact information
  • Your preferred manner of communication (voice, email, etc.)


  • Commission percentages for both listing and selling agent
  • If transaction fees are to be charged to your client, advise the amount
  • Are you working with a transaction coordinator? If so, provide information to escrow


  • Provide escrow with names of all service providers including title company, pest company, NHD, Home Warranty, etc.
  • Communicate to escrow who will be responsible for ordering those services

Information pertaining to your client:

  • Have you provided the escrow officers information to your client?
  • Will any of the parties be using a Power of Attorney?
  • Are any of the parties in title deceased, incapacitated or in a trust?
  • Personalities of the parties can be critical to the success of your transaction. If your buyer/seller requires special attention, advising escrow of these details can eliminate a number of problems
  • Any and all other information you may feel may be useful should be communicated to escrow. If you are unsure as to whether information has any any bearing on escrow, please let us decide! Our goal is to make your transaction as easy and trouble-free as possible.

The Road Map

How can the agent insure a smooth transaction?
  • READ YOUR ESCROW INSTRUCTIONS! It is important for you to thoroughly review and understand all instructions prepared by escrow. If changes are needed, the time to bring it to the attention of the escrow officer is early in the transaction, not at closing!
  • If the home inspection has suggested repairs that the seller has agreed to, and a monetary credit is agreed upon, escrow must be notified immediately so that proper instructions can be drawn and the settlement statement adjusted accordingly
  • Closely monitor your contingency time frames; advise escrow if extensions are granted
  • Understand the time elements involved with the new loan, documents and fundingss so that you and your client know exactly what to expect.
  • Notify escrow immediately of any change in the transaction, such as a new lender, change in closing date, change in terms, etc.


Pathway Escrow is "High Tech/High Touch"
  • You are encouraged to personally meet the escrow staff, become acquainted!
  • Required reports and/or documents are available via hard copy or email
  • Communication with escrow staff available via phone, email, or text.

You're Home!

Escrow is almost ready close. Now what?
  • Have all contingencies and any repair issues been satisfied?
  • Do you have all documentation necessary to complete your file that escrow needs to provide, such as Firpta, copies of all instructions, prelim, etc.? If not, call us!
  • Should you be aware of any delay in closing, communication with all parties including escrow is critical
  • Provide any special instructions regarding disbursement of your commission to insure that your commission is not delayed at closing;
  • If representing a buyer, lender communication is critical ~ you should always know the status of the loan, when the loan documents are expected to arrive and when your client will sign.
  • ALWAYS ask for a copy of your clients estimated settlement statement prior to closing. Review the statement for accuracy, advise of any revisions prior to closing
  • Upon final verification of all escrow/contractual requirements, authorization will be given by escrow to “close escrow”, all parties will be notified when closing has been confirmed.

Escrow is closed

Congratulations! What now?
  • Upon final audit of your file, escrow will be in a position to disburse all funds and final documents including your commission; (usually within one business day)
  • Insure that escrow is in receipt of your company disbursement instruction, if applicable
  • Communicate with escrow your preference in delivery of your commission and closing package
  • Communicate any special instructions regarding your clients closing package if applicable