Maximizing Your Listing Preparation: Obtaining a Copy of the Recorded Deed

Maximizing Your Listing Success: Why Obtaining a Copy of the Recorded Deed Matters

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When it comes to preparing for a real estate listing, obtaining a copy of the recorded deed should be a top priority for real estate agents. Knowing the legal ownership of a property before taking a listing can prevent issues down the road and ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

The first step in ensuring a successful listing is to confirm that the individuals you are dealing with are the same individuals who are legally authorized to sign the listing agreement. This information can be found by obtaining a copy of the recorded deed. Doing so can also help you avoid having to go back and obtain new signatures if it is discovered later that the previous signatures were not valid.

At Pathway Escrow, we understand the importance of preparation and accuracy in the real estate process. Our team of escrow professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and expertise. Our escrow officers are proud members of the Santa Clarita Valley Escrow Association and the California Escrow Association, and are committed to maintaining the highest standards in escrow through continuing education.

In addition to verifying ownership, obtaining a copy of the recorded deed can also provide valuable information about any liens or encumbrances on the property. This information is crucial in determining the potential impact on the sale of the property and can help ensure that the seller is aware of any issues before they become a problem during the transaction.

Don’t let unexpected ownership issues or liens derail your real estate listing. Take the proactive step of obtaining a copy of the recorded deed before taking a listing and maximize your chances for success. Contact Pathway Escrow for expert assistance and guidance in the real estate process.